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Why Use High-Quality CBD Oil?

Our primary goal has always been to deliver the absolute highest-quality CBD in the industry at a price everyone can afford. By selecting from a premium source of USA-grown hemp, we’re able to offer a uniquely better product – from seed to self.

CBD Oil Testing

At cbdMD, we take pride in providing products that have undergone thorough testing. From first harvest to finished product, we test our product batches through every step of the process. This helps provide further peace of mind by giving evidence that what you’re putting in your body is both safe and effective.

Furthermore, all finished products are sent to an independent third-party, ISO-certified lab in an effort to ensure that our products are pure and powerful. When you buy cbdMD, you’re buying from the trusted source in CBD oil – for the athlete in all of us.

Our Grow Facility & Farms

We start with homegrown hemp, picked fresh from farms located all across the USA. Hemp grown in the USA follows a much higher growing standard than internationally sourced hemp. By only sourcing from right here in our backyard, we’re able to provide better peace of mind while guaranteeing your complete satisfaction – or your money back.

From Farm to Bottle

By utilizing a unique manufacturing process, we’re able to achieve pure production that results in wholesome CBD oil products. By using domestically sourced hemp plants, we’re able to monitor what goes into every product batch carefully. While others may opt for synthetic CBD or a cheaper, less-regulated international source of hemp, we believe in quality over quantity.