Extract Labs

extract labs

One Man’s Vision

After his tour in Iraq, combat veteran Craig Henderson developed an interest in the medicinal application of cannabis. While initial research showed promise, the psychoactive component remained an obstacle that would eventually lead him to discover CBD. Witnessing the benefits of CBD alongside a community of veterans fueled a desire to start making products that everyone could try. From a dusty corner of his garage with no more than what was necessary, Craig began extracting hemp into an oil, and soon thereafter, Extract Labs was born.

… To A Company’s Mission

After outgrowing two buildings in a few short years, we now extract, refine, formulate, and ship under one roof in Layafette, Colorado. While operations continue to expand, the belief that CBD will change the world remains a binding ethos at Extract Labs. This is why we partnered with CSU to help fund research into the effects of CBD on canine glioma cells, why we offer discount programs to those in need, and what drives us to pursue the potential health benefits of other minor cannabinoids. Reading through our customer reviews and social media posts, we’ve heard your stories of hardship and healing. These stories serve to remind us of our founder’s original intent and what animates us toward a shared vision of plant-based wellness accessible to all.