Their Story 

Back when vape batteries were first introduced, mediocre options crowded the market, but none of them were quality products you could count on. Tired of faulty batteries that kept dying or overheating in their pockets, Ooze’s founders knew that someone had to step up and change the vape industry. They went to work with a goal, to create quality vape pens with impeccable battery life and safety features that customers could trust. With that, Ooze was born.

Their Promise 

Since the start of the Ooze brand, their product line has evolved to provide their customers with high-quality cannabis accessories in every category. Ooze strives to design unique products that are simple enough for new users to master that will still catch the eye of their most seasoned veteransFrom their signature vape pens to silicone bongs, bowls, and rigs, to smell-proof accessories and rolling trays, they truly do it all. They promise to never create a product we wouldn’t use ourselves!’

Their Vibe 

Ooze is not a buttoned-up stuffy corporate company that values sales over everything. They are a group of experienced cannabis connoisseurs who strive to bring creativity and fun to the industry. Their brand is all about creating brighcolors and bold products to ensure there is never a dull moment for those who choose to live the Ooze life. That’s why Ooze products are transformational in design, so you can expand your imagination with every hit. Their mission is simple; to bring our customers incredible products they can trust at a price they can afford.